Best Drugstore Shampoos, here is what I and my family have found

Shampoo, being something that everyone uses on a regular basis, is something that you want to get the best value out of. That is my criteria anyway, and I know it is for many others. I want to take care of my hair, as best as the next person, but don't want to spend a fortune.

I recall being very surprised by some consumer reports results one year, which found one of the most INEXPENSIVE shampoos to be the very best in every category! This was very interesting,as I had already really experienced the same thing anyway. I had to wonder though, if the bottle of shampoo that I paid one dollar for, was really as good or better than the one I paid 18-25 dollars for? It was, wow, how great is that?

Here is what we have found to be helpful in our family. Orginally, I grew up on Johnson's Baby Shampoo, as it was a tearless formula, and that did wonders for when I got soap in my eyes. Much has changed since then, though I still love that shampoo and bath still.

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